5 Qualities of a True Leader

In every organisation, there’s always leaders and followers. One person spearheads operations, while the rest follow their directions. More often than not, however, the truth of the matter is most leaders aren’t liked much and this is primarily due to management technique. There is a saying: People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers and that is true to form.

There are those who let the position go to their heads, in some cases so much so, that they forget their role. When this happens, they can become more like dictators rather than leaders worth emulating. True leaders garner respect from their staff.

So what are the traits of a true leader? Here are five basic ones that should be practiced for a successful leadership role.

5 Qualities of a True Leader

True Leaders are Humble

The one thing that separates a genuine leader from a person who is simply full of himself/herself is humility. A true leader knows that there is still much to learn, and that every day is a learning experience. Arrogance and excessive pride has no place in the mind of a true leader, and that person is appreciated for it.

True Leaders Guide by Example

Instead of simply issuing commands and directing others, a real leader is not afraid to get down and dirty with his/ her followers. He/she doesn’t expect the staff to know how to do things right off the bat, but rather shows how it is done. Moreover, even values are first shown by the leader before it is expected from the rest of the team.

True Leaders Communicate Well

For a true leader, it is never hard to communicate with his/her followers. It’s as simple as talking to a peer, and the team feels comfortable around the leader. Aside from the way of communication, everything is transparent. There is nothing that the leader knows that is not informed to the team, making them invested.

True Leaders Delegate Tasks

Genuine leaders are not afraid to share important business functions with other staff members. He/she trusts the team to work hard for a common goal, and as such vital processes are delegated to followers. It gives his/ her members a sense of pride, knowing that the leader has full confidence of their skills.

True Leaders Lift Others Up

When the team succeeds, a genuine leader congratulates the team members. He/ she knows that it would not be possible without the hard work and determination of everyone else. A person who is full of himself/ herself will hog the limelight and take credit for the glory. But that’s not even a concept that would get into the mind of a true leader.

As a staff member, does your leader have these qualities? As a leader, do you exhibit these awe-inspiring traits? These are important to create a good reputation that will be worth emulating and admiring.

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