tools for managing a remote team

Outsourcing or hiring staff from other countries used to be such a messy business. People working from home were difficult to keep track of and many businesses suffered because of lack of staff dedication. Today there are so many resources to help managing a remote team, that many businesses can work with a 100% remote staff team and better yet, they all work together seamlessly.

Businesses can sometimes struggle to find the perfect people for the job in the right location and it’s always been an issue with start-ups. Coming up with the funds to hire good staff is often a stumbling block for small business. This means the owner operator ends up doing most of the work themselves and this is a major cause of burnout in business owners. With skilled workers around the world who can assist with the business remotely, it makes sense to go this route.

With all of the technology available today it makes sense to have a remote team. Not only will you be able to hire exactly who you want for the job, but you’ll save on overhead costs as well. There are a few things to consider and implement to make sure that your 100% remote team is a success and helpful to the bottom line.

Here are some of the most popular tools used for managing remote teams.

Skype Meetings

Skype is an amazing tool and one that businesses with remote staff should be utilizing. Not only is a great way to have face to face time with employees, but it’s free, fast, and easy to use. Your employees will be able to check in with you as needed and you can even set up group video chat or conference calls. It won’t matter that you’re not in the same location as your staff when you can so easily check up with them.

Use Trello for Task Control

This great tool is perfect for helping a team collaborate on a project. It’s a visual list of everything that needs to be done to make a project happen. It can be used to organize travel plans, who is completing certain tasks for a project, and what checklists need to be completed. The whole team can have access to a specific Trello board and can update it. Using it as a task manager keeps everyone focused on what needs to be done. Team projects will be visible to everyone, which holds all members of the team accountable.

Organized Communication

While emails are helpful, sporadic communication is not a great way to succeed. When staff members check in regularly though, you can more effectively manage issues and their work. Using Skype and Trello, you can manage when you will be meeting with your staff and then carry out those meetings through Skype. Without meetings and accountability, it’s easy for people to fail to complete the tasks that they’re assigned.

Check Out TimeDoctor

This tool is great for tracking time for remote employees. It can screen capture to make sure they’re on task, has an option for required work hours, and will help you make sure that your employees are being paid for time that they are actually working.

Being in charge of remote employees may seem daunting, but with these tools you can make sure that everything runs smoothly for you and your business! Managing offshore staff can end up saving your business a ton of cash and give you experience in management on your own terms. This can be a good way for home based business to expand and become competitive.

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