What is a Sales Funnel

When you run an online business, questions like What is a Sales Funnel are bandied about. Online advertising has the perks of being dynamic and innovative because of its extraordinary reach. Unlike its physical counterpart, distance is not an issue. But how do you gain revenue from it?

It’s not enough that your target market merely sees your brand on the internet. They have to actually purchase your goods or pay for your services. Transforming visitors to paying customers is what you need to do. How do you do this? This is what Sales Funnel is about.

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The Stages of Sales Funnel

With a Sales Funnel, you prompt and condition your audience into making that conscious and active decision to purchase. Depending on your business, the strategy may be varied, but here are the common stages within a funnel.

  • Awareness

    • At this point in time, the customer recognizes his/ her need for a particular solution or service. This is when a person passively browses the internet, and then finds you as one of the possible prospects that satisfies the need.
  • Interest

    • During this stage, the customer is already actively looking for ways to address the problem. Your website can be one of the options, and this is where interest is created. It’s the hook that draws them even closer to your business.
  • Decision

    • By this time, the customer is already paying attention to you and what you can offer. It is at this point that your target is already weighing the pros and cons, which is why it is critical to coax them further into making that leap.
  • Action

    • Finally, this is when the customer finally takes action and signs a contract with you, or begins to purchase the goods you offer. This is important in order to transform your visitors into actual paying consumers.

How to Draw Audience into the Funnel

Like any other endeavor online, you have to keep your audience invested and interested in you. How do you do that? These elements will make them pay more attention to you, as well as make the Sales Funnel effective.

  1. SEO

  2. Advertising

    • Not only will advertising tell your market that you exist, but it also informs them of the services you provide. It draws their interest into what they can get from you.
  3. Content

    • Compelling content is part of SEO. Moreover, it is what your customers will be wanting to see, and a good content makes them invested and wanting for more.
  4. Blog

    • When your customers are interested in what you tell them through blog, they more likely pay attention. It also has the hypnotic capabilities of suggesting that they need your service.
  5. Social Media

    • This can’t be underestimated. It reaches a lot of audience, leads your customers to your website or blog, and constantly delivers content they like while marketing your brand. The possibilities are endless.

An efficient Sales Funnel ensures all the effort you are putting in to get visitors is paying off as they become customers. This is where your success is measured, so make the most of it.

Stages of a sales funnel infographic - Business Management Space

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