how you can market to millennials

Everyone involved in marketing knows that it is highly demanding but today’s marketing bears no resemblance to techniques used in the past. Moreover, traditional advertising such as newspaper, television commercials and direct mailing are no longer as effective as it used to be.

Generation Y has changed the landscape of advertisements permanently. The attention of the marketer has been diverted to online and mobile marketing and we just have to get used to it. Also referred to as Millennials, Gen Y are known for brand loyalty and an incredibly short attention span. This is a paradox of a unique generation. How do we effectively reach out to these people? Consider these five avenues on how you can market to Millennial’s.

1. Go Mobile

An interesting data states that over 85% of Generation Y owns a smartphone which they consistently use for work, entertainment and communication with family and friends. As a result of this important trend, a marketer should ensure that the choice mobile platform is highly optimized for smart devices. Besides, it should be fast and have attractive visuals with a precise call to action. The fact that Millennials are attached to their mobile devices place the market at a vantage point to reach out to them anytime – during workdays or weekends.

2. Support Immersion

Rich multimedia, engaging and online content that can be shared with others proves to be intriguing to Millennial’s. In contrast to other generations, they are attracted to participatory models. The marketer can take advantage of this character by creating an online presence in which their audience will actively participate.

Most successful campaigns allow the audience to add a voice to the story through written of multimedia content. The eventual aggregate content which serves as the campaign can be hosted on the business website or on a third-party social platform such as Instagram or Facebook. For Millennials, it is all about immersion.

3. Be transparent

An important characteristic of Millennials is that they love reciprocal giving. Faceless organizations whole leadership are unapproachable do not appeal to the Millennials. They love transparency and do like (and expect) to interact with the products and brands that they love.

Consumers are well aware of the company’s mission and are watching to see how the company stays focused as they engage with the product. A marketer should be aware of the values the products stand for and communicate the same in precise words. You should stay in touch with your audience through the social media so they can see the progress, knowing that their association with your brand is making an impact. Ensuring you have an adequate social media presence is vital in reaching this generation.

4. Find your Target

The Millennials has a greater affinity for experience rather than products. A marketing strategy based on age or gender is no longer effective. A marketer should research into the class of people that are attracted to the product and create an online channel to reach out to such a niche. Find out who influencers are, as this is an ideal way to get your product or service seen by Gen Y.

5. Create Brand Evangelists

The Generation Y are defined by the brands that they are associated with and the products that they use. A more interesting aspect is that they love to communicate about the products and brands that they fall in love with through online media and also in the real world. Posting pictures of their lunch or gym selfies aren’t just silly fluff, these are bona-fide marketing opportunities.

You should not handle your Millennial fans with levity, respect them for what they are and find a way to market to them in the space they occupy. If they love your products, they can become your best marketing tool. Once you give them an avenue to express themselves, they will gladly sell your products for you.

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