know your customers location
know your customers location

Do you Know Where Your Customers Are – sounds like a horror movie title but a business owner cannot succeed unless they are able to connect with customers and gain their trust. When it comes to finding where your customers are, a lot of that comes down to cold hard market research. While you can do a lot of this on your lonesome, the truth is you’re going to need some real marketing experts at some point to do some digging and find the actual sources of your customers. While there are plenty of methodologies that can accomplish this, there are also some ways you can do some investigations using social media, which are arguably the best way to determine where your customers are located without having to invest in an expensive marketing service.

Google Trends and Google As a Whole

If you’re not trying to pay a lot of money for an expensive demographic research service, you can do it yourself with Google. While Google is one of the most popular web search tools in the world with average users, the truth is that Google is actually highly nuanced and effective if you’re trying to develop precise research. You can do this through things like Google Trends or Google Keywords, these are two sub-applications located on the Google platform that you can wield to directly find where your customers are located.

For example, if you’re a food delivery service, you can actually type in the keyword of your business, and you can see real-time trends and searches and where they’re coming from. You can find what regions and demographics are looking for that search, and you can in turn use it to find actual leads and people whom you can turn into customers. This is overall a really valuable service, and while a lot of people are a bit ignorant of that, you can use this to your advantage and identify your market before you go live with your start up business.

Third-Party Research

While Google is a great thing to use on your own, the truth is you’ll probably want to go with a third-party platform at some point. While some people think these are not the best investments for determining your target consumers, they’re actually quite effective because they will be able to give you research that’s more focused on your immediate locale. If you’re trying to see the people interested in your product or service within your region or city, they will be able to get it done.

By combining this localized and globalized search as one, you’ll never have to worry about having customers ever again.

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