market to hipsters
market to hipsters

When it comes to marketing to hipsters, you have to get inside of their head. This is a lot easier said than done, and the simple truth is, there is no magical secret to doing it. There are a few strategies and methods you can pursue, but ultimately, the success of any pitch is based on how well-researched the pitch was in the first place, and also, you have to ensure you’re targeting the right populations. If you’re not careful, you may very well target someone whom you mistook for a hipster in the first place. By following a few simple strategies, however, you should be good to go and will finally make that hipster marketing breakthrough you’ve always been looking for.

Target the Right Avenues

When it comes to marketing to the cool kids, it’s important to understand what cool kids like. They like music that is considered underground. You want to avoid anything that way too clean, way too corporate. Hipster-types do not like these things, and any marketing associated with them turns them off in a big way. It’s also a good idea to target hipsters if you’re a small independent brand. One of the biggest mistakes that brands make in general is trying to bite off more than they can chew. The truth is, smaller brands simply can’t afford to target the wider audiences in the early goings. This is akin to trying to throw a Hail Mary touchdown. Rather than going for it all on one play, take it bit by bit.

And it starts by finding the right sectors of pop culture that these individuals tend to congregate. One of the most obvious areas is music. Music is something that is not only popular with a lot of young people, but lots of alternative acts are looking for sponsors. Since big corporate types won’t necessarily risk their name brand on an act that might be controversial or not as well known, you should jump at the opportunity and make a good rapport with the hipsters right away. This will not only serve your brand well, but it very well could serve to be very profitable in the long run.

Hip hop, alternative sports, combat sports, and a whole lot of other niche areas are perfect for targeting hipsters, and you’ll want to ensure you very proactive on this front because if you wait too long, it won’t be hipsters buying into these products, it will be the mainstream “sheeple.”

Don’t Insult Their Intelligence

Hipsters are unlike other demographics for one big reason: they think they’re smarter than everyone else. These are people that have been natural contrarians their entire lives. While everyone else was doing one thing, they were purposely going out of their way to do something else. You have to seriously keep that in mind when it comes to marketing products, and if you do decide to go this route, you’ll want to be very careful in how you push your products. Rather than being super obvious with the fact you’re pitching or sponsoring a product, you’ll want to lay low and sit in the background.

If you’re an up-and-coming apparel group, silently sponsor a rap group by giving them free product. Ironically, while hipsters are contrarians as far as avoiding copying the mainstream, they have no shame in copying one another. This ignorance on their part is the key to really breaking through, because if you do, you’ll have a very exclusive market locked down that you can easily profit from long-term.

Use Technology

Hipsters use technology. They love social media, they love showing off, and they are very big on being individuals. This means that you can very easily cultivate a big following on one of the social media platforms, and if hipsters buy into it, you’ll have a massive niche crowd you can market to. One of the best platforms for this is Instagram. It’s a favourite of hipsters because it’s the perfect place to showcase their individuality to the world.

It’s great to sponsor big-time social media “models,” as well. These are people that make a living from taking pictures and having big brands sponsor them, and as silly as it sounds, it’s one of the best ways to market to hipsters. And you will get some leakage into the mainstream as well.

Hipsters are also very commonly found in online communities like message boards and Reddit, away from the rest of the mainstream. These are spaces where you and your brand should be very active because you’ll be able to find the hipster trends before they hit the mainstream. It is in these arenas where you’ll make your biggest pushes, and if you keep at it, you’ll have these hipsters buying into your brand’s narrative, and most importantly, buying your products.

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