How to Turn Your Business Trip Into a Mini Vacation

Back in the day, people always said that you simply cannot mix business with pleasure. These are two separate entities that had to remain on opposite sides. Bring them closer together and you can expect that chaos and mayhem are almost sure to follow after. Well, that was before.

Now, things are very different. You can actually combine the two without compromising either! If you’re going on a business trip, you can transform it into a rejuvenating vacation, and at times you can bring your loved ones! You just have to be wise, plan ahead, and make the most of the time you have. Don’t believe me? Then read on!

How to Mix Business with Pleasure

So how exactly do you remain productive during the business trip and still have fun in the process? Of course, you shouldn’t slack while on the clock because that’s just money wasted on you, and you don’t want that at all! Here are some tips to remember in fusing the two seemingly contrasting concepts and have a great time.

1. Inquire About Discounts

When you’re out in the field as your company’s representative, your employer is paying a corporate nightly rate for your accommodation, and that can be considerably lower than the hotel’s regular rate. With this in mind, you can be assertive and ask the hotel manager if you can extend that generous discount over to your personal stay should you wish to extend. More often than not, they will grant your request and so much more, in hopes of gaining customer loyalty. It always pay to ask!

2. Consider the Weekends

In relation to the bullet point above, if you are being sent to a location worth visiting outside business hours, then by all means extend it over the weekend! Most business trips occur during the weekdays, so pick a weekend that is closest to those dates. At the same time, you have extra days to enjoy the place! That’s two perks in one!

3. Think About the Timing

You can pinch even more pennies by taking into consideration the location of the trip and the season when you are going there. During off-peak months, hotels will slash the price even further down, so that’s another saving that you can take advantage of. Moreover, most business trips are in desirable destinations, so you can always find something to do. Make the most out of it.

4. Take Advantage of Downtime

You’re not working the entire 24 hours while on a trip, are you? It probably isn’t even 9 hours, but even if it was, you still have the evening to bask in the ambiance of the location. You can invite coworkers to go out with you and explore the city, but if you prefer to be alone then put on your tourist hat and just get lost in the area! Bond with the locals and ask what there is to do around. For early risers, you can also take a leisurely jog. The possibilities are limitless.

5. Bring the Family

If you were itching to bring your family or a loved one somewhere else but can’t decide just where, then take advantage of the business trip. It saves you the cost because your transportation is accounted for by the company, and then just consider the previous bullet points to get even more savings. Just be sure to bond with them only after work. If they can entertain themselves while you’re on the clock, then that’s better.

Taking a vacation doesn’t have to be separate from your responsibilities as long as you know how to plan and don’t take anything you are not entitled to, for example charging the company for your family’s share of the bill. Follow these steps and you should be able to recharge your batteries on the cheap!

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