Security systems in large buildings come in many different varieties. Depending on the type of building, the most effective security for the region, and what kind of people and professions will be using the facility, security systems can vary as much as building architecture. There are three major types of security systems: CCTV, Intercom, and Access Control. These are standard in many large buildings, and can help keep you safe in a hotel, casino, department store, airport, or office!


Closed circuit television is one of the easiest ways to monitor the goings on in large buildings. Security officers can have a large control room where they can see each camera on a CCTV, and keep their eyes on the happenings in the facility. Motion activated cameras are becoming more popular, as are cameras with integrated recognition systems. This means that a more modern CCTV system might be able to tell the difference between a human, animal, and something like leaves blowing past or a car.


Intercom systems are typically used in large office buildings, and have proven over time to be effective means of surveillance and monitoring. Usually, these systems require those who want to gain entry to buzz an office or guard. That person or office can verify the potential entrant’s identity and either grant or deny access to the building. The largest issue that can arise here is that there is often not video surveillance as well. Integrating CCTV with an intercom system is a more secure way of determining entrance capabilities into large buildings. Intercoms are an older form of technology and can be seen in high rise apartments and doctor’s offices.

Access Control

Key cards, or access control, require potential building entrants to use a card like key to gain access to a building, floor, or office. These key cards often look like a credit card, but these can be personalized with company logo. Access control systems can also incorporate fingerprint or retinal scanning technology. It may seem like science fiction, but these systems exist and are used as the primary form of security in many large buildings. If you don’t have a key card to access your building, oftentimes a CCTV or intercom system are integrated in so you can request entry.

Large buildings are susceptible to many security breaches, and CCTV, intercoms, and access control are some of the most standard ways of controlling entry and monitoring building activity. Stay safe out there!

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